Discontinued products

MODEL Descriptions Remark Alternative
1007    Digital Multimeter   1009
1008    Digital Multimeter   1009
1010    Solar Pocket Tester    Solar battery No
1015    Digital Multimeter   1018
1017    Digital Multimeter   1018
1020    Digital Multimeter    Automatic mode
   switching between AC
   and DC voltage
1103    Analogue Multimeter   1106
1104    Analogue Multimeter    with 1000V range
   and 10A range
1108    Analogue Multimeter   1109S
1109    Analogue Multimeter   1109S
1601    Analogue Multimeter   No
2002    Digital Clamp Meter   2002PA,2002R
2009A    AC/DC Digital Clamp Meter     2009R
2037    AC/DC Digital Clamp Meter   2046R
2103    Analogue Clamp Meter   No
2401    Analogue Leakage Clamp Meter    Equivalent battery
   type: P625U
2411    Analogue Leakage Clamp Meter    Equivalent battery
   type: P625U
2417    Leakage Clamp Meter   No
2904    Analogue Clamp Meter   No
3111V    Analogue Insulation Tester   3131A
   High Voltage Insulation Tester   3121A/3122A/
3141    Analogue Insulation Tester  
3142    Analogue Insulation Tester    
3143    Analogue Insulation Tester
3201    Analogue Insulation Tester 250V   No
3202    Analogue Insulation Tester 500V   No
3203    Analogue Insulation Tester
3204    Analogue Insulation Tester
3301    Analogue Insulation Tester
3302    Analogue Insulation Tester
3303    Analogue Insulation Tester
3311    Analogue Insulation Tester   3315
3312    Analogue Insulation Tester
3313    Analogue Insulation Tester   3315
3314    Analogue Insulation Tester
4102    Analogue Earth Tester   4102A
4105    Digital Earth Tester   4105A
4116A    LOOP/PSC Tester   4118A
4120A    LOOP/PSC Tester   4140
4141    Analogue Line Earth Loop Tester   No
5000    Leak Logger   5001
5350/5360    Recorders   No
5351    Recorders   No
5361    Recorders   No
5404    Digital RCD Tester   5406A
6015    Multi Function Tester   6016
6020/6030    Multi Function Tester   No
6200    Portable Appliance Tester   6202
6201    Portable Appliance Tester   6201A
7058    Test leads   No
7066    Test leads   7066A
7081    Test Lead for Grand Terminal   7081A
7081A    Test Lead for Grand Terminal   7081B
7085    Test leads   No
7088    Test lead for phase check   No
7089    Test lead (large)   No
7090    Test lead (small)   No
7091    Test lead   No
7092    Cord reel     No
7093    Cord for extension probe   No
7095    Earth resistance test leads   7095A
7098    Test leads   No
   Test leads   No
7101    Flat Test Bar   7161
7103/7139    Test leads with remote control
7107    Test leads   7107A
7109    Test leads   No
7121    Distribution board test leads   7121A
7121A    Distribution board test leads   7121B
7122    Test leads   7122A
7122A    Test leads   7122B
7127    Simplified measurement probe   7127A
7128    Test leads   7128A
7129    Test lead with alligator clip   7129A
7131    Safety crocodile clip   7131B
7132 (KSLP5)    External earth probe   7132A
7133A    Test leads   7133B
7141    Test lead set   7141A
7141A    Test lead set   7141B
7147    Test leads   7185
7149/7150    Remote control swtich set   7149A/7150A
7153A    Safety test leads   7153B
7154A    Safety test leads   7154B
7155A    Safety test leads with fuse   7155B
7156A    Safety test leads with fuse     7156B
7157A    Safety crocodile clips   7157B
7158A    Safety crocodile clips for fuse   7158B
7159A    Safety test leads with fuse   7159B
7161    Flat test bar [black]   7161A
7165    Line probe   7165A
7166    Earth cord   7224A
7167    Guard cord   7225A
7168    Line probe with alligator clip   7168A
   Power cord   7187A/7218A/
7188    Distribution board fused test 
7196    Test leads with remote control
7210    Test leads   7210A
7220    Test leads   7220A
7224    Earth cord   7224A
7225    Guard cord   7225A
7226    Line probe   7226A
7227    Line probe with alligator clip   7227A
7228    Earth resistance test leads   7228A
7229    Precision measurement test leads   7229A
7238    Simplified measurement test leads   7238A
8004    Multi-Trans   8008
8020    Adaptor for recorder   No
8021    Energizer   No
8067    Temperature Sensor (Pt-100)   No
8068    Temperature Sensor (K Type)   No
8069    Temperature Sensor (K Type)   No
8082    Extension probe   No
8083    Auxiliary earth spikes   No
8101    Clamp sensor for 5361CP   No
8103    Clamp Adaptor   No
8104    Clamp Adaptor   No
9047    Carrying Case   No
9080    Carrying Case [Aluminum]   No
9081    Carrying case   No
9150    Carrying Case   9154
KTL04    Test leads   7210A